Mars is curious about the body/mind connection.


She finds refuge and grace in yoga, massage, nature, nourishing food and cultural travel. It's through these interests that Mars continues to cultivate a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her, and it's her honour to offer a space for individuals to explore safe, honest, joyful self-enquiry and transformation.

Mars came to yoga 10 years ago during a time when her body was tired and weak. Her initial intention was to get fit, but as her practice grew, so did the unfolding and her spiritual journey began. It’s yoga’s transformational power that has led Mars to keep coming back on the mat. Since 2014 she's dedicated herself to the yogic path, trading a demanding corporate job for a journey that's taken her around the world to deepen her practice and teaching. As a certified yoga teacher, it's Mars' gift to show you a path towards inner and outer stability, strength and flexibility in an ego-free and loving environment. 


Mars became aware of her intuitive touch as a child when she'd massage her family, friends and animals. As an adult, she travelled to Asia to study the holistic therapies of Thai Yoga massage, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage and Reiki. Mars offers body harmonising treatments with compassion and love to help the body tune into its innate wisdom to heal.

"mars is a beautiful yogi and spiritual being. she is one of the most authentic, intuitive and grounded yoga teachers i have experienced in ten years of practice. her depth of knowledge is expansive, and her passion for yoga shines brightly in all than she does. i always leave her classes feeling full of inspiration, love and laughter."

— Gyani Caroline Mears, a student from Australia

“i'd heard that thai massage was painful. When i attended a yoga retreat and thai massage was proposed, i thought, why not? it was a stunning and healing discovery. i have never felt so relaxed and light in my body. it was like dancing with Mars to let go of tension in my body. i even took another massage two days later to live the experience again.”

— Fabienne Clément, a guest at Vale De Moses, Portugal


Yoga is a practice


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