About Mars

Yoga teacher, Massage therapist & yoga-inspired Jewellery designer

Namaste! I'm an Australian 'yogi gypsy' whose journey has allowed me to work and study whilst exploring our beautiful planet. I began specialising in yoga retreats in 2017 and have spent the last three years as a Resident Teacher and Massage Therapist at Vale de Moses Portugal, one of Europe’s most celebrated retreat centres.


After living internationally for many years, I've returned home to Bunbury, Australia. I bring home with me an enthusiasm to share what I've been exploring, experiencing and teaching along the way. 


My intention is to create a space for individuals to explore safe, honest, joyful self-enquiry and transformation. My experience of combining yoga teaching with bodywork has helped me to become a compassionate and generous facilitator for healing and growth. 


I'm also a contributor for DownDog, the #1 rated app for practicing yoga at home.


In 2020, I founded a jewellery project called Mala by Mars, which offers beautiful hand knotted Malas, designed by me, as well as other unique pieces to inspire a more mindful way of living and to heal the soul.

Yoga Journey

My love affair with yoga began in 2007. I had signed up for my first Ashtanga yoga class without really knowing much about it. My motivation was to get fit and out of the office at a reasonable hour, but as I kept coming onto the mat, I soon realised there was a lot more going on.


The physical practice of moving into different shapes became a doorway for me to get to know myself more deeply and honestly. I came to see so many difficult and painful truths about myself, but I also came to see the absolute joy and lightness in life. The yoga practice was, is, my healing.


In 2013, I took a leap of faith and left a demanding corporate job to dedicate myself to the Yogic path. I travelled, studied and volunteered for the 'soul' purpose of learning as much as I could about yoga. I began teaching in 2014 and for over six years led a gypsy yogi lifestyle, teaching internationally including Australia, Asia and Europe.


In 2017, I began specialising in yoga retreats and spent 3 years as a resident teacher at Vale de Moses in Portugal, recognised by National Geographic, Forbes, The Guardian and more as one of the best retreats in the world. Here is where the magic really happened, where I grew exponentially as a facilitator for healing and growth.


Over the years I have explored many lineages including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin, and have worked with so many gifted and inspiring teachers. I regularly travel to India to further my studies and continue cultivating a dedicated self practice.


I am a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher, with experience teaching Retreats, Studio Classes, Workshops, Corporates, Festivals, Online and privately. I celebrate the yogic teachings, the intelligence of the body and the nature of mind to create classes that are inclusive, playful, generous, encouraging, nurturing, challenging, compassionate and delicious. I encourage students to explore their unique potential with grace, courage, strength and confidence. 


As a facilitator, I enjoy opening students up to the vast ocean of yogic and healing practices beyond asana, including guided meditations, pranayama and kriya practices, yogic philosophy, mantra singing, sound healing, kirtan, yoga nidra, partner exercises, dance/movement exploration, massage, journaling and partner yoga. 


Yoga has invited great transformation in my life and I’m honoured to share the practice. 

Massage Journey

As a teenager, I remember receiving loving massage from my mother to manage terrible migraines. Her touch instantly made me feel better. Without it, I felt like my head would blow off, with it, the pain was manageable. 


During my twenties, I became more curious about the healing nature of touch and began seeking different massage therapies to deal with bodily aches and pains. I also began experimenting with giving simple massage to family and friends.


In 2012, I first journeyed to India. Whilst in Rishikesh, I felt compelled to study Reiki. I didn’t know why, but in hindsight it helped to awaken my hands for healing.


The following year, whilst on an extended trip to India, I was introduced to Ayurveda, a system of natural medicine and sister science to Yoga. I studied Ayurvedic massage and connected deeply with its approach and techniques. I began offering this modality to clients, and felt so much joy helping people through massage.  


In 2014, while living in Thailand, I was drawn towards the traditional healing system of Thai massage. With its origins coming from India, I discovered that Thai massage compliments both the teaching and practice of yoga, as it combines similar principles and postures. To give this treatment, is a true blessing as it is offered with compassion and love and kindness.


In 2017, I began specialising in yoga retreats and spent 3 years as a resident therapist at Vale de Moses in Portugal, recognised by National Geographic, Forbes, The Guardian and more as one of the best retreats in the world. This unique environment was the perfect place for me to grow exponentially as an intuitive and loving massage therapist. 


I continue to explore, expand and integrate my understanding of the body and healing into my treatments to offer something truly unique. Earlier this year, I returned to India and Thailand to further my studies in Ayurveda and Thai Massage.


As a Massage Therapist, I hold space for my client to tune into their innate wisdom to heal. I believe that when mind, heart, and body are in balance, one can live a radiant and joyful life. I let my intuitive and meditative touch guide my treatments. 


Using sensitivity and a kind touch my clients are able to trust, surrender and let go. Every treatment is tailored to the individual's unique needs.

Mala by Mars Journey

About five years ago I was on an extended trip to India, immersing myself in Yoga and its traditions.


One thing that caught my eye was the tradition for both women and men to adorn themselves with beautiful jewellery, as an act of devotion and protection.


Whilst in Rishikesh I worked with an artisan to design my very first Mala using rudraksha seeds and turquoise stones. The Mala became a significant part of me, reminding me of the Yogic path I was on.


Over the years, I received lots of compliments about my Mala. When I said I designed it, I was repeatedly told to design more.


So here I am with my project - Mala by Mars.


In 2019, I worked with artisans in Goa to create a small collection that I shared with guests of Vale De Moses.


This year, I worked with artisans from Mysore to create the beautiful hand-knotted Mala designs I will be sharing with you online.


I'll also be offering a small collection of delicate Sterling Silver jewellery for you to enjoy.

Mala by Mars online store is launching soon!


“My retreat was perfect. Especially because of my open hearted yoga teacher Mars. Wonderful asana and meditation. It was a pleasure and honour to practice yoga with Mars!” 




Silence Isn't Empty Documentary 2020

A documentary about the variety and the meaning of meditation. Talking about my personal experiences of meditation, my practices, my spiritual journey and my curiosity to get closer to the Self.

Vegan Life Magazine 2020 Calendar

Sharing Miss January with Amelia the pig, Vale de Moses' gorgeous rescue pig, during the most unique private yoga class I've ever taught!

Promoting 'Run Wild and Free Running and Yoga Retreat' at Vale de Moses which explores the benefits of the yoga posture practice for strengthening the body to support running. 

November 2018 Yoga Magazine UK

As guest teacher, I led readers through Parivrtta Ardha Malasana (Revolved Extended Leg Squat), Ubhaya Padangusthasana (Both Feet Big Toe pose) and Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Compass pose). I also shared a sequence that prepares the body for Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (Mermaid pose).