Nourishing recipes straight from the Winter Solstice Winter Retreat menu!

I've always enjoyed my time spent in the kitchen. What can I say, I love good food and I love the alchemy of good food making!

I recently got to share my love for cooking with the gorgeous group of women who joined us during our recent 'Renewal and Reflection' Winter Solstice Women's Weekend Retreat.

Everyone loved the plant-based gluten free menu I offered. So I wanted to share with you the recipes I drew inspiration from to try for yourself!

Don't forget to always add a good serve of 'love and kindness' to your meals, that's the secret ingredient!

A big thank you to my lovely mum for being my assistant in the kitchen.

Love Mars

Friday Night Welcome Dinner

Sweet Potato Lentils Shepherds Pie

Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

Golden Milk

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Apple Crisp

Nut and Seed Bread

Banana Bread

Brown Porridge Rice

Saturday Night Dinner

Chana Masala

Dal Fry

Jerra Rice

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Quinoa Porridge

Sunday Afternoon Closing Spread

Choc Chip Cookies

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