Realign + Reignite: An Afternoon of Yoga with Mars

Namaste yogis!

Thank you to all you beautiful souls who came and joined me for this special afternoon of yoga, meditation and singing at The Yoga Room Bunbury on Saturday 8th August, 2020.

As requested, below are the lovely poems, mantras and recipes for the the yummy vegan chocolate brownie and masala chai, I shared.

Have fun with them, and I look forward to seeing you all on the mat again soon!


Mars xxx

Behind the Thunder

By Mark Nepo

I keep looking for one more teacher, 

only to find that fish learn from water

and birds learn from sky.

If you want to learn about the sea,  it helps to be at sea.  If you want to learn about compassion,  it helps to be in love.  If you want to learn about healing,  it helps to know of suffering.  The strong live in the storm  without worshipping the storm. 

Let it Go

By Danna Faulds

Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold;

the holding of plans or dreams or expectations

– Let it all go.

Save your strength to swim with the tide.

The choice to fight what is here before you now

will only result in struggle, fear,

and desperate attempts to flee from the very energy you long for.

Let go.

Let it all go and flow with the grace that washes through your days whether you receive it gently or with all your quills raised to defend against invaders.

Take this on faith;

the mind may never find the explanations that it seeks,

but you will move forward nonetheless.

Let go,

and the wave’s crest will carry you to unknown shores,

beyond your wildest dreams or destinations.

Let it all go and find the place of rest and peace, and certain transformation.

Just For Now

By Danna Faulds

Just for now, without asking how,

let yourself sink into stillness.

Just for now, lay down the weight

you so patiently bear upon your shoulders.

Feel the earth receive you, and the infinite expanse of sky grow even wider

as your awareness reaches up to meet it.

Just for now, allow a wave of breath

to enliven your experience.

Breathe out whatever blocks