Mars believes that true healing lies within. When mind, heart, body are in balance, one can live a radiant and joyful life!


It's from this space that Mars offers body harmonising treatments in Thai yoga massage and oil massage, with each treatment made as an offering for healing.

She lets her intuitive and meditative touch guide her treatments to help the individual find balance and wellbeing. Her compassionate and loving approach helps individuals to trust, surrender and let go. Every treatment is tailored to the individual's unique needs.



This grounding and deeply healing full body clothed massage is performed on the floor as a meditative dance between you and Mars. The Meridian lines are systematically pressed and stimulated to release energetic blockages and facilitate the correct movement and placement of 'chi' in the body. Mars also applies dynamic movements, slow rhythmic stretches, passive yoga and energy work. Thai yoga massage invites deeper opening in the joints, particularly the hip sockets and the shoulders encouraging flexibility and mobility, a deep sense of well being and contentment. After a Thai massage the body feels light and energised, the spirit refuelled and the mind at ease.


Treatments can be offered as:

- Full body Thai yoga massage

- Thai yoga massage for legs and hips

- Thai yoga massage for back, neck and shoulders

- Thai yoga massage including abdominal work


This full body oil massage is performed on a table or the floor, stimulating muscle tissue to relax and lengthen shortened or tightened muscle fibres. Mars applies a variety of techniques inspired by Ayurvedic, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to offer a holistic treatment specific to your unique bodily aches and pains. This deeply relaxing massage uses soothing oils that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, pampered and nourished. It’s the perfect antidote to releasing muscular pain, stiffness and soreness, as well as detoxifying the body and improving circulation. 

Treatments can be offered as:

- Full Body therapeutic oil massage

- Therapeutic oil massage for legs and hips

- Therapeutic oil massage for back, neck and shoulders

- Full Body deep release oil massage

- Deep release oil massage for legs and hips

- Deep release oil massage for back, neck and shoulders


"i recently spent some amazing days with mars at vale de moses in portugal. aside from the warmth and kindness she exudes, mars has the most healing hands! not only did she work some deeply rooted knots out of my lower back during an unforgettable thai massage, she very gently brought life back into my incredibly painful knees - something that nobody else has ever managed to do (i won’t usually let anyone even touch them!). she also made me a little bit tearful with her beautiful chanting of a special mantra.

thank you Mars - you are an angel" 

— Emma Hayward, a guest at Vale De Moses, Portugal

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